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No Upfront Cost Solar Installation

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Understanding 'No
Upfront Cost Solar'

The concept of ‘No Upfront Cost Solar’ is an attractive proposition for homeowners interested in harnessing solar energy without the burden of significant initial investments. This innovative approach allows individuals to benefit from solar power with minimal financial barriers, making sustainable energy more accessible than ever.

The Misconception of “Free Solar Panels”

It’s crucial to understand that ‘No Upfront Cost Solar’ does not equate to “free solar panels.” This common misconception can lead to confusion about the actual offerings and benefits. Instead, this model typically involves solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPAs). These financial arrangements are designed to reduce or eliminate the upfront costs of installing solar panels on your property.

Solar Leases Explained

In a solar lease, you agree to rent the solar panel system from a provider for a set period, usually 20 to 25 years. The provider installs the solar panels on your home at no initial cost to you. In return, you pay a fixed monthly rent for the use of the system. This rent is generally lower than your average electricity bill, leading to immediate savings on your energy costs. The leasing company owns the equipment and is responsible for maintenance and repairs, offering you a hassle-free experience.

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Benefits of No Upfront Cost Solar

Available to everyone in Australia, STCs are a subsidy well worth having. The cost of solar would be 30% higher without it, with many households and small businesses even seeing up to $0 upfront costs (and no deposits to pay) with the number of STCs they receive for their system when they install solar at their premises.

How Does Zero Cost Solar Work?

Finance your solar energy plans will save you money from the start!

1. No Upfront

Your Solar will be installed at No Deposit, no upfront Installation Fees.

2. Big Savings from Solar!

Save on solar immediately after solar installation ! the free electricity you generate from your new solar system will ensure your electricity bill decreases immediately. Save from Day One! No expense means savings right away!

3. Low Fortnightly Repayments

Your fixed repayments* will be designed to cost less than your current fossil-fuelled electricity bills.

4. Receive a Feed-in Tariff

Sell your excess power back to your electricity retailer for a generous feed-in tariff.